Dayton sky   


Airline amplifier



Winter 2005  Lots of snow and ice, and not a lot of electricity.
Montana  Looks like a good place to raise dental floss.  You did not pack enough warm clothes.
NAMM  Hey, you need to be somebody to get in.
Reno  Our National Ashtray.
Wyoming  Saw zero bipedal residents.
Yosemite Seriously, what kind of name is that?  Do they leave welts?
The Air Force Museum  I expect all of this stuff to end up at auction in DRMO.
Abbey Road  God clearly mistook me for someone else.
Hard Rock London  Bring along a set of strings.  Really.
Liverpool  They love soccer.  The Beatles who?
Alaska  It's a lot like the United States.  Natives speak fluent English.
Excellent photo collection at Slim Volume's site.  He does captions.