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My name is Greg Bell, and this is my attempt to communicate some of my interests across the Internet to as far away as possible.  I owe an awful lot to very many people, and most of you know who you are.  I'll never understand why I've been so lucky in life, and one of these days I'll stop sulking long enough to show my appreciation.

My interests include playing guitar, trying to make it sound good, tube guitar amplifiers, speakers, cabinets, microphones, acoustics, computers, recording, and once in a blue moon, writing and playing out. I use Pro Tools and a Mackie d8b for recording and mixing. I have MP3s for download and photographs for your viewing pleasure. I also have an 83 BMW R80/RT I need to get out and ride on, but my backlog of unfinished work grows exponentially faster than my ability to complete it.

I am proud of the fact that this website only contains original design ideas and images.  If you think you'd like to exchange links, I'd probably be happy to.